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Valentino Валентино Lviv Львов, Ukraine

Valentino Валентино Lviv Львов Ukraine



Horário do Almoço07:00
Horário do Jantar23:00

Tipo de cozinha
Italian, Ukrainian, European

Preço médio

Ostapa Nyzhankivskoho vulytsja 20 Ул. Остапа Нижанковского 20
Lviv Львов/Львів
Lviv Львов
T.: 380322356766
E.: [email protected]


Located in an old building in the very heart of the city, near the Market Square, the Italian restaurant Valentino immerses guests into a friendly, artistic décor that elegantly combines large tables and more private alcoves. Ancient brick ceiling, combined with magnificent Venetian chandeliers, comfortable sofas, soft carpets, ancient frescoes - all this creates an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and warmth. Someone might like our hall under a glass roof, in which one might feel like in the Garden of Eden, enjoying plenty of light and greenery, especially when Lviv rain is pattering on the roof.  The delectable and sophisticated cuisine is based on ultra-fresh products and traditional recipes. In the evenings, Valentino charms guests with a romantic mood, quiet pianist playing and warm candles burning. The smallest ones were not left behind. There is a specially designed menu for them, along with the children's room. Undoubtedly, a pleasant addition to the above mentioned benefits will be secure parking and free wireless internet access WI-FI.

Open daily

    Breakfast: 7am to 11am
    Business Lunch: noon to 2:30pm
    Dinner: 6pm to 11:00pm


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